Zymal Umar -
Inspiring Young Pakistani Social Entrepreneur

Young Pakistani Social Entrepreneur
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Zymal Introduction

Zymal Umer, 11 years old, is a highly talented and Inspiring Young Pakistani Social Entrepreneur. She is the founder and owner of an innovative social project named as Zee bags – an upcycling enterprise that turns old newspapers into beautiful biodegradable bags.

Zymal Umer Introduction  

Zymal always used to get irritated by the dirty streets of her hometown Sargodha. When she was only 6 years of age, she started selling newspaper bags to help needy children. She got this idea when a shopkeeper sold her something in a newspaper bag.

Later, Zymal decided to help unprivileged children from SOS village. SOS is an orphanage that consists of 14 houses with 10 children and 1 nanny in each house. 

Zymal’s parents encouraged her a lot and asked her to continue her efforts.

Zymal – An Exemplary Child Preneur

Zymal made her first bag and sold it in Rs.70 to help an orphan girl. This motivated her to help other deprived people too so she started putting more effort into her work. Zymal makes these bags at homes using old newspapers and sell them to different people. 

She learnt to make bags by watching videos on Youtube. Zymal now sells hundreds of bags and uses the money to help the children of SOS village. Her parents also help her to arrange different special events for needy and poor people. 

Zymal Umer SOS Children 

Zymal says that her father and grandfather help her a lot and pay for her raw materials otherwise it would have been very difficult for her to keep her project going.

Despite being only 10 years of age, Zymal already holds 3 years of work experience. Within these 3 years, she has sold several bags thus making 4000 to 5000 dollars in the way. Zymal decorates each bag with different flowers, buttons, laces, stones, and ribbons. 

She then promotes her products on Facebook and Twitter. @zeebags

Zymal’s Mission

Zymal aims to make Sargodha a pollution-free city. As the plastic bags are not biodegradable and destroy our environment, she designs the eco-friendly bags for uplifting the living standard of the underprivileged people as well as to decrease the pollution caused by plastic bags. 

Zymal Umer Sargodha

This little kind soul works with the pure intention of providing better education and health facilities for other kids who can’t afford them otherwise. Zymal successfully balances her goals and studies at the same time. She works on her goals on weekends or in vacations and uses the rest of the time for her studies. 

Zymal says that in the future along with pursuing higher education, she desires to extend her project to a global level. She wants to be a businesswoman and aspires to launch other products too.


Zymal’s Awards and Achievements

Zymal Umar Award Receiving - Young Pakistani Entrepreneur Being Pakistan’s youngest social entrepreneur, Zymal got the TIE, the youngest entrepreneurship award. She also received a gold medal from the Federal Secretary of Education in Pakistan

She also got recognition in Saudi Arabia and was invited for Prince Abdul Aziz Award for Children Pioneer/Ecopreneur.

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