Abdul Sattar Edhi - A Name To Be Remembered Forever

Abdul Sattar Edhi
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Edhi – An Inspiration

Abdul Sattar Edhi is one of the people, Humanity will always be proud of.  He founded the Edhi Foundation which runs hospitals, homeless shelters, rehab centers and orphanages across the whole country. Above all, he is the one who put the best example of humanity. The role model for many people in the world.

Abdul Sattar Edhi An Inspiration

Abdul Sattar Edhi was born to a Memon Family before Subcontinent’s partition. According to him, his mother used to give him two paisa’s. One for him and one to give to a poor child. Paisa is the 100th part of a Rupiya, the Pakistani Currency. His mother died when he was 19, after being paralyzed by a stroke.

Lessons taught by his experiences and by his mother led him to make a network of services for old and miserable people.

Abdul Sattar Edhi Foundation

Edhi Foundation By Abdul Sattar Edhi

Edhi initiated the idea of cradle-to-grave care in the world. He placed cradle outside Edhi Foundation offices for people to leave children they could not afford or did not want. There are almost 19,000 such babies are living with new families today because of Edhi.

At the maternity wards of Edhi Foundation centers, more than a million babies have been delivered for free. Every day, many unnamed corpses of poor men, women and children are washed and buried with dignity by Edhi’s workers. He also provided a network of ambulances and emergency care to save as many lives as possible.

Edhi’s wife, Bilquis Bano Edhi, also joined him in the mission of serving humanity. She is still assisting all the activities of Edhi foundation brilliantly. During Edhi’s lifespan, Edhi Foundation extended with private contributions thus setting up a system of 1800 mini-van ambulances. By the time of his demise, Edhi was enlisted as a custodian of more than 20,000 youngsters.

Abdul Sattar Edhi National & International Awards

Abdul Sattar Edhi was awarded several National and International awards. Some of them are listed below:

Abdul Sattar Edhi National & International Awards 

Edhi - National Awards

  • Nishan-e-Imtiaz, civil decoration from the Government of Pakistan (1989).
  • Pakistan Civic Award from the Pakistan Civic Society (1992).
  • Shield of Honor by Pakistan Army (E & C).
  • Khidmat Award by the Pakistan Academy of Medical Sciences.
  • Bacha Khan Aman (Peace) Award in 1991
  • Human Rights Award by Pakistan
  • Human Rights Society.
  • 2013 Person of the Year by the readers of The Express Tribune.

Edhi - International Awards

  • Peace and Harmony Award (2001), Delhi
  • Peace Award (2004), Mumbai
  • Peace Award (2005), Hyderabad Deccan
  • Gandhi Peace Award (2007), Delhi
  • Seoul Peace Prize (2008),
  • Seoul Honorary doctorate from the Institute of Business Administration Karachi (2006).
  • UNESCO-Madanjeet Singh Prize (2009).
  • Ahmadiyya Muslim Peace Prize (2010).
  • Honorary Doctorate by the University of Bedfordshire (2010).
  • London Peace Award (2011), London
Abdul Sattar Edhi Death

Abdul Sattar Edhi Death

Abdul Sattar Edhi left this world at the age of 89 on July 8, 2016. He was given a state funeral which was attended by tens of thousands of people. Edhi was named as the “Angel of Mercy” and was the most appreciated personality in Pakistan

May Allah bless him with peace in heaven.